Scaffolding System

We Prime Steeltech (I) Pvt. Ltd. are a preferred manufacturer, exporter & supplier of Scaffolding Systems that are specially designed for enhanced productivity, reduced labour cost & time. They find use in diverse construction and maintenance works. Strong, dimensionally accurate and simple design, these systems are suitable for modern construction industry. Also, our Scaffolding Systems are simple to erect & dismantle, versatile and maintenance free. We maintain the concepts of reliability, high safety standards and economy. And the systems are appropriate for all kinds of structures.

Features & Benefits:

1) Easy Installation
2) Tight Components
3) Maximum Load Carrying Capacity
4) Fast & Reliable Erection
5) Negligible Maintenance
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U Frame Scaffolding

U Frame Scaffolding is used as a temporary structure to provide a platform for workers. They are mainly used in the construction industry for repairing and construction purpose. It is made up of superior grade of metal to meet all the set industry standards for ensuring its high quality and long lasting life. Before being delivered it has been tested for various quality and safety parameters. It is available in wide range of specifications according to the need and requirement of customers.

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Walk Through Frames

Price: 300 INR/Piece

Walk Through Frames are designed for easy access to the workers engaged in different type of construction and repair activities. These frames are manufactured with the high grade of raw materials under the surveillance of highly skilled engineers to ensure its sturdy construction and optimum performance. They provide easy human mobilization with good head room. Before being delivered they pass through various quality and safety parameters to conform to the predefined industry standards.

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Scaffolding Cross Braces

Cross Bracing is a system installed in a building to give it a strong structural strength. This bracing is installed as a diagonal supports which intersect each other. It can increase a buildings capability to withstand seismic activity. They are constructed using the best quality of alloy metal to maximize the load handling capacity of a building. It can either be installed while construction of new buildings or in old buildings. In addition, it can also be installed in the roof structure to provide it extra strength.

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Scaffolding Standard H Frame

Scaffolding Standard H Frame is used as a suitable supporting medium for various construction projects. Made of high strength steel, this H frame requires minimal workforce for its installation. It is also used for the convenience of construction workers to access building structure sans using stairway. Its hot dip galvanized or pre galvanized surface prevents rust formation and helps to extend its working life.

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Scaffold Ladder Frames

Price: 1200 INR/Piece

Scaffold Ladder Frames are used for simple construction works. These ladder frames are also known as simple scaffolding system which does not require any kind of tools for their assembly. They rely on the quick assembly of its frames, cross braces and platforms. These frames are made up of excellent quality of alloy metal to ensure their robustness and long lasting operational life. They are available in different specifications as per the requirement of the customer.

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H Frame Scaffolding System

Price: 54.00 - 68.00 INR

H Frame Scaffolding is made up of premium quality raw material in accordance with the predefined industry standards to ensure its robustness and long lasting operational life. It consists of two vertical and two horizontal welded frames with cross braces in between. They are used for various construction and repairing purposes in the construction industry. This H frame is available in different dimensions and sizes as per the need and requirement of the user.

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Gratings Scaffolding

Price: 100 INR/Piece

Gratings Scaffolding is made up of the fine quality material to give it a sturdy nature, long lasting life, and perfect finish. They are manufactured under the supervision of experienced professional with high precision using latest machines to comply with the set industry standards. This scaffolding has a structure made up of parallel and crossed bars, which is used as a walk way planks in various industries, construction sites and repairing sites to provide a solid base for the workers to move and carry goods to other areas.

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H Frame Scaffolding

Standard 'H' Frame is made up of premium quality of material to comply with set industry requirement to ensure its reliability and durability. It is designed having horizontal and vertical rods interconnected to each other with a cross section connected by connecting clips. This frame is available in different sizes, colors, and designs according to the choice and requirement of the customers. It is used in the construction industry to provide support in different construction sites.

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Wedge Lock Scaffolding System

Wedge Lock Scaffolding System is widely used in a construction industry for various construction and repair projects. This system has wedge fixing for all access scaffold requirements. The added advantage of this system is that it does not have any loose parts which allow the easy and fast erection of the scaffolding structure. They are made using the high grade of raw materials to ensure its sturdiness and durability. It is available in different dimensions and sizes as per the need of the customer.

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Steel Scaffolding Fittings

Steel Scaffolding Fittings are manufactured using premium quality of stainless steel to meet with the set quality standards ensuring long lasting life and its strong structure. These fittings are used in scaffolding systems to hold the structure. They have a compact structure and can be installed easily. Before being sent for commercial use they pass through different safety and quality parameters to ensure their reliable performance. They are available in different specifications as required by the wide range of customers.

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Tubular Scaffolding Systems

Tubular Scaffolding Systems are designed to reduce the number of pieces required for scaffolding system and it keeps all components standard and flexible. This system is generally used as a support to workers and materials engaged in construction or repair of a building. It is suitable for all type structures, buildings, concerts, and renovations. They have built-in ladders and trap doors to allow safe movement between passages. It is resistant to various weather conditions and comes with a smooth and fine finish.

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Construction Scaffolding Systems

Construction Scaffolding Systems are intended for use at various types of construction and repair sites. These systems consist of a high quality framework of numerous props which can also be structured for temporary purposes. They are constructed in compliance with all the set industry norms and highest safety standards. To ensure their sturdy nature and optimum performance they are checked on different safety and quality parameters under the vigilance of skilled engineers.

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Steel Scaffolding System

Steel Scaffolding System is a temporary structure used to aid in construction and repair sites. It provides easy access for workers at various construction levels to work and carry goods to different levels. They are made up of a fine quality of steel to comply with the set industry standards to ensure its optimum performance, corrosion resistance, pressure handling capacity and long shelf life. The size of this system can be adjusted according to the need as it is easy and quick to installation.